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Educating To End Abuse
of children and adults perpetrated by religious leaders 


90% of Clergy Abuse Victims are Adult Women

This website is dedicated to all the adult women and men abused by clergy who contact me on a weekly basis searching for answers, searching for hope and to those women and men who still hold onto the guilt and shame, who think they are to blame, who think it was an affair.   Hopefully this website will shed light on the fact that there is no reason to have guilt and shame, it wasn't your fault.  The clergyman was in the position of power, he held all the cards and he knew what he was doing from day one,
 - he targeted you, groomed you and abused you;
 it wasn't an affair, it was
sexual exploitation.
And to all the little children raped and molested by clergy, I am so sorry for all the pain you have suffered.  Many of you have become dear friends and a wonderful support system for me. 
My love and prayers  go out to each of you. 

Beware the Celibate

By Vinnie Nauheimer
Copyright 2002, All rights reserved

The celibate priest sang the blues
But his vows were just a ruse.
He used his power to touch and confuse
Performing seduction without any booze.

The priest was so lonely without a date
And God forbid he should masturbate.
Eyeing his parishioners for a suitable mate
Itching for a seduction, he couldn't wait.

Maybe it begins with an arm around the neck
The victim smiles and says, "What the heck!"
Totally ignorant of the impending train wreck,
It was so innocent. A kiss, no, only a peck.

Before you know it, it's turned into an affair
With the woman wondering, "How'd I get here?"
Saying, "To my confessor I laid my soul bare.
When all he wanted was to part my hair."

The priest gets caught satisfying his itch
"It's not my fault! The woman's a witch!"
The poor woman says, "Son of a Bitch!
This man's soul is blacker than pitch."

Now she sits ashamed and confused.
Her life, her soul, her mind all bruised.
She realizes the torture of being abused
Is being a plaything; Discarded when used.

That old white collar is a mighty power
And unsuspecting women it will devour
When worn by a man who's soul is black.
Who only seeks those he can sack!

Video 11-15-07 Robert VonZurLinde, clergy abuse victim and witness to the murder of beautiful 8yr old, Gilbert Bonneau (1947-1953) by a nun at St. Coleman's Home, an orphanage in upstate New York


Gilbert Bonneau
beautiful little 8 yr.old boy
murder victim

Click here to enter the website of a courageous, beautiful young man, Arthur Baselice. For his loved ones here on earth Arthur's time with them was too short but his Creator was ready to be reunited with his amazing child. Arthur will live forever in the hearts of his family, friends and advocates for victims of clergy sexual abuse. We must work tirelessly so this kind of unnecessary trauma is eliminated. STOP THE SILENCE, END THE ABUSE!

Click here to see Arthur Baselice talking about his son Art III August 23, 2007

Go to 2007 Educating To End Abuse Shows to view documentation from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia which includes admittance of guilt by Brother Regis Howitz.


Kansas Statewide Crisis Hotline
Phone: 888-END-ABUSE (888-363-2287)
TDD: 800-787-3224

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Mike Drabik sits in front of the sign he built which is mounted in his front yard. Why can't more lay people be as couragous as Mike Drabik? Demand truth & justice from your bishops!